tarot with laura

Lady Freida Harris,

a British Tarot artist circa 1930 to 1950,

has called the Tarot

“God’s Picture Book”.


The Tarot is a deck of  78 symbolical images

that represent the structure of our Universe.


Reading the Tarot is

the art and science of interpreting the cards for the Inquirer. 

My readings are oriented towards the client being empowered with choice in the unfolding of their life.


I offer tarot readings by appointment

in person at the Tree of Life Sanctuary in Bellingham, WA,

over Zoom or over the phone.


The financial expressions of appreciation for readings are:

$96 for 1 hour

$64 for half hour

$32 for 15 minutes

If you desire, I can include a digital recording of the reading.


I very much look forward to doing your reading

and getting to know you!

Click here to schedule a reading with me! 


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as a Tarot Reader
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