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A Down to Earth Journal

of an Out of this World Experience


Laura Wisdom-Abernathy




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The minute I starting reading the introduction for this book I thought:  "Oh wow, this is going to be more than just a summary of Laura's 50th Star Trek convention experience.  This is going to take me into the essence of what Star Trek attempted to convey about diversity and inclusion, and perhaps even deeper into how that translates to our world today."  

I loved how Laura captured the daily events and presentations of the convention and I especially enjoyed how she shared her perspective of the people she met, guiding us through her daily dialogue and matching up with the photo's she captured.   As Laura talked about attending presentations with actors, writers and others involved with the convention, I found myself reflecting on the great complexities of each "culture" or "civilization" represented in the various Trek series. And I began to understand how this show helped to shape Laura's belief system and thus the success of her work as a Life Coach.

Linda Hopper

Bellingham, WA

Laura’s book is itself an out-of-this-world experience filled with wonder, incredible photos, and poignant stories. Laura reveals the heart of Star Trek through the humans that participate in its wonder and their faith in a better future.

Her insights showcase the spirit of fun, unity, and curiosity that filled the halls and rooms of the event, bringing with it intriguing presentations and acknowledgements of the performance artistry of this creation. Going deeper, Laura uncovers the true heart of Star Trek that lies at the center of human hope and imagination; capturing the promise of destiny wrapped in the Vulcan philosophy of “IDIC” and Gene Roddenberry’s legacy.

A great read that delivers not only smiles and optimism but warms the soul, sparking the imagination with “what could be” using the teachings of Star Trek as our roadmap and our own best selves to “make it so.” Thank you, Laura, for this incredible opportunity to be there with you!

More reviews coming soon!

Maybe from you???

Marcia Hansen

Life and Business Coach

Stanwood, WA

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Laura Wisdom-Abernathy, CPC, ELI-MP, has been a certified life coach since 2003, a lifelong student of spirituality and a writer since childhood. 

She is the founder and Teacher of the Tree of Life Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 school of the Soul that is devoted to raising consciousness.  Its mission is to uncover the Divine in spiritual seekers by nurturing self-exploration, resulting in a joyful, loving, unified planet. 


Her down to earth, deeply calm-yet-passionate approach to everything makes her teachings and creations both mysterious and compelling. 

She has lived a rich and diverse life focused on uncovering her authentic self, fulfilling her life purpose and supporting others in doing the same. 


Star Trek has been a continuous thread throughout the entire arc of her life.  From Star Trek she learned that diversity united in love is the aim, and that objectivity provides us the pause for unity to succeed.

She lives her dream life in Northwest Washington state with her beloved husband where she continues to write and serve humanity through the

Tree of Life Sanctuary.

To learn more about her, visit these websites:

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